methenolone enanthate

From the nervous system:
Common: headache, peripheral neuropathy, dizziness
Uncommon: fainting, seizures, lethargy, paresthesia, hypoesthesia, ageusia, dysgeusia, impaired concentration, memory impairment, drowsiness, sleep disturbance phases

Common: insomnia
Uncommon: depression, confusion, disorientation, anxiety, mood swings, sleep methenolone enanthate disorders, abnormal dreams, nightmares, decreased libido

From the urinary system:
Uncommon: renal failure (including acute), nephrolithiasis, increased creatinine concentrations, decreased creatinine clearance, proteinuria, bilirubinuria, dysuria, nocturia, pollakiuria

From a sight organ:
Uncommon: decreased visual acuity, conjunctival hyperemia, eye dryness

On the part of the organ of hearing:
Uncommon: vertigo

Immune system:
Uncommon: immune methenolone enanthate reactivation syndrome

From endocrine system:
Infrequent: hypothyroidism, stimulating increased production of thyroid hormones

Skin and soft tissue:
Common: rash (including makuleznaya, maculopapular, papular, erythematous and itching), pruritus
Uncommon: generalized rash, dermatitis, including allergic, face edema, urticaria, eczema, erythema, rash, night sweats, alopecia, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, dry skin, nail pigmentation change
was found in the post-marketing period: toxic epidermal necrolysis

On the part of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue disorders:
Uncommon: myalgia, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, arthritis, arthralgia, muscle stiffness, joint stiffness, pain in extremity, osteoporosis, increased creatinine phosphokinase activity
was found in the post-marketing period: osteonecrosis

Reproductive system and breast:
Uncommon: erectile dysfunction, gynaecomastia

Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders:
Common: lipodystrophy (including lipohypertrophy, lipodystrophy, lipoatrophy), hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia
Uncommon: diabetes, gout, anorexia, decreased appetite, weight loss, weight gain, hyperglycemia, resistance insulin, decreased high-density lipoprotein, increased appetite, polydipsia, increased blood lactate dehydrogenase activity

Violations General:
Common: asthenia, fatigue
Uncommon: fever, pain in the chest, peripheral edema, malaise, chills, feeling hot, irritability, pain, abnormal dryness of the skin

Other disorders:
Uncommon: herpes simplex

The frequency, type and severity of side effects when using Prezista ® in children and adolescents compared to those of adult patients.

Side effects methenolone enanthate associated with combination antiretroviral therapy
in HIV-infected patients, combination antiretroviral therapy may be associated with the redistribution of body fat (lipodystrophy). This redistribution involves the loss of peripheral and facial subcutaneous fat tissue, the increase in intra-abdominal and visceral fat, hypertrophy of the mammary glands and fat accumulation in dorsotservikalnoy region (the formation of fatty hump).
Combination antiretroviral therapy may also cause the following metabolic disorders: hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, insulin resistance , hyperglycemia and hyperlactatemia.
in HIV-infected patients with severe immune deficiency during the initial combination antiretroviral therapy may experience an inflammatory reaction to asymptomatic or residual opportunistic infections.
patients treated with protease inhibitors, particularly in combination with non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, may increase the activity of creatine phosphokinase arising myositis and, rarely, rhabdomyolysis. nandrobolin bodybuilding diet plan ejercicios de dorsales bodybuilding meal planner bodybuilding motivation youtube chlorodehydromethyltestosterone bodybuilders tube